Marietta PD officer charged, on leave

A Marietta Police officer has been charged with disorderly conduct and placed on administrative leave for loudly confronting his estranged wife at a doctor’s office.

Brandon H. Chapman, 41, of 2701 Mill St., Coolville, was on duty and in uniform when he reportedly showed up June 2 at Eye Care Associates, at 111 S. Third St, Marietta, and entered the exam room where his wife, Heather Chapman, was waiting.

“This was part of a domestic argument. He tried to get her cell phone away,” said Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks.

The sheriff’s office has a reciprocity agreement with the Marietta Police Department, wherein the sheriff’s office investigates criminal complaints against Marietta Police employees and vice versa in order to avoid any question of impropriety, said Mincks.

According to a statement of facts, Brandon Chapman approached his wife “in an aggressive manner, and pointed his index finger inches from her face.” He reportedly accused her of lying, called her profane names and tried to grab her cell phone out of her shirt pocket.

Heather Chapman accused her husband of scratching her arm as he continued to try to get the phone.

Heather reported that her husband stopped trying to take the phone, acted as if he were going to take her purse but gave it back, and yelled at her again before leaving.

Brandon admitted to the investigating sheriff’s deputy that he had argued with his wife and tried to take her phone during her eye exam.

Brandon Chapman has been charged with disorderly conduct, a minor misdemeanor.

Marietta Police Capt. Jeff Waite confirmed that Chapman has been placed on paid administrative leave but declined to comment further on the incident.

Marietta City Safety-Service Director Jonathan Hupp said he believes Chapman has been with the city police department for 13 years but could not verify the exact time frame Friday.

Chapman’s personnel file was requested but was not available for review Friday.