Beverly looks for paving bids

BEVERLY – Street repaving has been put on hold in Beverly until proper quotes can be attained for the estimated $50,000 project.

During the Beverly Council meeting Wednesday evening, Councilman Jim Ullman said there had been issues obtaining quotes from United Sealing.

“United Sealing gave us a bid back in May (for the repaving project),” Ullman said. “We asked them at the end of May and beginning of June and even this past Monday to revise the quote…They have not returned my call…I was going to add the tennis court to that, so I’ll keep after them. So the repaving is on hold until we can get someone else or United Sealing to give us a quote.”

Ullman said the plan now is to just send the project out to bid.

NW Sealing has also been sealing the streets, and Ullman said that project is not quite complete because it must be “pretty dry when they do that.”

He also said there are some issues with the storm sewer causing water ponding on Elm Street, which need to be addressed before the road can be repaved.

In other business, council has asked that Beverly residents not allow grass clippings into the street during and after they mow their lawns.

While no ordinance has yet been passed, Councilwoman Mary Tullius said that there is a need to make the public aware of the problems it can cause with the storm drains and Village Solicitor Tom Webster agreed, saying Belpre has just passed an ordinance forbidding the practice.

“People have been warned and it doesn’t seem to solve the problem,” said Webster. “They mayor has instructed the police department that there are to be some people cited into Mayor’s Court, so they are making every effort to do that, and that’s because of the severe problem in our storm sewers…The public doesn’t understand what a problem it causes in your storm sewer system. It’s very, very difficult to get it cleaned out once you get all the grass in it, particularly…when you’ve had so many cuttings of grass (like this year).”

Council has also agreed to look into keeping the Beverly pool open a couple extra hours a week.

Councilman Clem Biedenbach said he’d heard many people complaining that the pool is not open past 5 p.m.

Council President Kandy Baker said the pool has been opened late in the past and said it’s a possibility for the future.

“We’ve tried staying open later and nobody shows up,” she said. “We could possibly try it again a couple nights a week…It doesn’t hurt to try.”