Beverly-Waterford homecoming

BEVERLY-During night two of Beverly-Waterford’s Homecoming, one draw for many was the never-before-seen tractor pulls, a first for the longtime event.

Steve Wainwright, event organizer, said the pulls will make their second appearance next year.

“This is our first year for this event,” he said. “We have 15 of these garden tractor pulls. This is going to grow to be a big event. Usually they pull on dirt, and it would be a big mud hole, but because they’re on asphalt (right now), it doesn’t make any difference.”

The tractor pulls for the garden tractors ran Friday down the midway, which is Sixth Street. Antique tractor pulls will be held Saturday at 4:30 p.m. down the midway as well.

Kelly Moore, 31, of Waterford, said her husband, Brian, is one of the reasons she came to Homecoming, despite some stormy weather Friday.

“We’ve come every year for as long as I can remember,” she said. “My husband actually pulls tractors.”

Brian, 34, said the event is a fun time for his family, especially his children, Cole, 6, and Tyson, 10.

“It’s just something to do with the kids,” he said. “They’re not old enough to pull big tractors yet. It’s just a fun hobby.”

Joyce King, 52, of Beverly, took her grandson Lucas Kirkpatrick, 6, and his friend Tanner Lewis, 6, to the events Friday.

“I love the music the most,” she said. “It’s just something for us to get out and do, have fun. This is our second year. (The boys) are having a ball; they don’t care (that it’s wet from the rain).”

For Steve Pottmeyer, 63, of Lowell, attending the event is like coming home.

“I was invited to play entertainment (this year),” he said. “I get to see a lot of people I normally don’t see in the summer…I look forward to seeing old (Fort Frye) high school classmates, and it’s been many years since I’ve been in high school.”

Pottmeyer said there is also another draw to Homecoming: the food.

“One of the specialties they always have is a fish meal,” he said. “And McKitrick’s ice cream. There’s a lot of festival food. Something I (also) look forward to is the entertainment.”

Sharon Singree-Fulton, of Beverly, said she’s been going to Homecoming since she was a child.

“We come to listen to the music and eat homemade ice cream,” she said. “It’s just a local event and something to come out and do and visit people.”

The games and food are especially a draw for Waterford residents Maggie and Debra Kroll.

“We always come over and play BINGO,” said Maggie, 18. “And McKitrick’s ice cream is the best.”

Debra said she can’t remember a time when she and Maggie haven’t come to Homecoming.

“We come almost every year,” Debra said. “You’re not living right unless you have (McKitrick’s ice cream).”