About Enviro-Tank

Enviro-Tank Clean Inc. serves as a non-hazardous waste disposal and treatment facility for a variety of sources, including industry, construction sites and oil and gas drilling operations.

The Belpre location, at 12281 State Route 7, began as a commercial waste treatment facility more than two decades ago and continues to treat waste today.

Enviro-Tank accepts non-hazardous liquids that municipal wastewater treatment plants can not accept.

According to its website, those materials might include oily wastewater, metal-bearing waste and organic waste.

Some of the materials accepted by Enviro-Tank are treated and separated on site. The reusable liquids are recycled and what remains is blended with sawdust for solidification purposes and transported to a landfill.

The Belpre plant also performs internal cleaning of tank trailers that are used to haul various liquid substances, including those tanks that are used to haul brine for horizontal hydraulic drilling operations. However, the facility is not a brine storage site.

The company also has locations in Wooster and Hilliard.