Everyone deserves an equal piece of the pie

I am writing in regards to the letter to the editor about Ormet employees who ran out of benefits and were dropped out of unemployment statistics.

Unfortunately this has happened too many times to good people when the companies choose to close their doors! When these companies get through with trying to push their employees around for less money, for less benefits, and totally freeze or stop pensions and benefits all together, they look to outside sources to help. They start with power contracts for any utility they can’t control, then they write their losses up or down to benefit their overall bottom lines.

At the same time, they try to contact our government officials, and when that doesn’t work they blame everything on them, from too many EPA rules, too many imports, deports, taxes, etc. just to get to the bottom line. They were going to close the plants anyway, take everything overseas, and give these corporate officials whatever benefits they felt they deserve from the positions they held.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, deserves equal pieces of the pie. If we have an “x” amount of money in bank accounts and have, say, 100 employees, divide that into equal amounts and give the real working group that amount.

I wish we lived in an ideal world with people who truly care about each other, but we have too many “me, me, me” people who don’t contribute, yet are the first to get their the rewards supposedly owed to them.

Stop these companies from closing so we can continue to be a great powerful nation and listen to the real people who do these jobs every day. We know what is wrong and we know what needs fixed. We want to keep our jobs now and for everyone’s future.

Larry B. Woods