What’s in a name: Green(e) St. signs

Nineteen recently-installed Marietta street signs will have to be replaced due to the misspelling of Greene Street by the sign contractor.

City safety-service director Jonathan Hupp explained that the contractor apparently did not proofread the signs and printed them “Green Street” instead of Greene Street.

Greene Street was named for Revolutionary War General Nathanael Greene.

“It was an oversight by the contractor that was immediately brought to the city’s attention,” Hupp said. “And Jim Kidd, the city’s signs foreman, is working with the engineering department to have it corrected.”

Kidd said the contractor is currently in the process of making new signs with the corrected spelling.

“We’ve had quite a few calls about the misspelling, and it will take a couple of weeks before the corrected signs can be installed,” he said. “There were 19 Greene Street signs that have to be replaced, and about three or four others.”

Kidd said those were mainly minor mistakes that included the designation of a roadway “Avenue” instead of “Street” or vice-versa. And a Pearl Street Extension sign did not include the “Ext.” designation.

The sign replacements are part of an unfunded federal mandate that requires cities across the country to change streets signage from all capital letters to a combination of upper and lower-case letters over the next several years.

Kidd said the city will eventually have to replace more than 3,500 signs due to the federal mandate.