Become educated about government intrusiveness

We have witnessed dramatic changes the last five years in this country. I know in medicine it has been absolutely a whirlwind. We were forced to switch to electronic medical records that met criteria established by the government. These changes have cost us billions of dollars throughout the country and all the studies show that electronic medical records do not enhance patient care. In spite of the facts, the government has forced all these changes upon us.

The government has become more and more intrusive in what we do. Unfortunately, it is not just in medicine, but everywhere. I talk to friends that work in various industries and the regulations are just becoming mind boggling. Once upon a time the federal workers were called public servants, but in just a few years they have become our overlords.

Today, I spent two hours reviewing charts and appealing decisions that the Federal Government has made regarding surgeries I performed. They feel that some of these procedures did not meet their criteria. First of all, the bureaucrats that are making these decisions did not go to medical school and did not complete an internship and orthopedic residency to be qualified to make the decision. These difficult decisions should be made by the orthopedic surgeon, who has experience, and the patient, not the Federal Government. People don’t just come into the office and demand that I perform a knee or hip replacement. They are generally disabled and want a better quality of life. I try my best to use conservative treatments if it is indicated. Unfortunately, sometimes the surgery is the best option for that patient. Not only is it the best option, but the most cost effective option. Unfortunately, even if you have evidence to the contrary and show it to the federal bureaucracy, they ignore it.

From all the activities that I see, the federal bureaucracy is trying to instill fear in us. Just look at the IRS scandal. Unfortunately, we have no mechanism to fight back against our federal masters. Our constitution has been shredded by our executive branch and our courts. Our last hope is our congress, however, they have been totally made ineffective by the senate.

If I was a young adult, I would be extremely concerned and try to get involved in the political process. Watching MTV and ESPN is not being informed. When I graduated from college I was offered three jobs the minute I graduated. We had corporate recruiters all over trying to recruit the college graduates for jobs. Now, college graduates are lucky to find a job in a fast food restaurant. We need to go back to the days that America was great, where the government was not involved in every facet of our lives, and let industry flourish. Also, government workers were there to help us, not to impede and harass us in the performance of our jobs.

There is one thing that makes this country different and better than any other country in the world, and it is our Constitution. We need to go back to respecting our Constitution and the law of the land, where our President, Attorney General and the Supreme Court respects and follows our Constitution.

George Tokodi, D.O.