Thanks for gesture toward veteran at dinner

A big thank you:

My two sisters and their husbands and Ginny and I met in Marietta on the evening on the Fourth of July, and after some consideration, decided to go to a restaurant for dinner. We were all decked out in our red, white and blue. We chose The Boathouse on the west side of Marietta, overlooking the Ohio River, where we were seated outside. After ordering our dinner, a young couple at the next table who had just finished their dinner approached our table. The gentleman asked if anyone was a veteran and I told him I was. He said his father was a veteran and he had passed away last year. Because of his father, he said he would pay for all of our dinners. I said that was not necessary, but he insisted because his father and I were both veterans, he wanted to do this in his memory. We all shook hands and thanked him very much. So you see, we still have wonderful, appreciative Americans in our country.

I would also like to thank another veteran who retired as lieutenant colonel in the United States Air Force after 26 years of service to our country. He is now our United States Congressman for Washington County and his name is Bill Johnson. God bless America!

Glen Miller