Better coordination of road construction needed

“Help me, I live in Norwood and I can’t get out.”

I really have to vent here. There’s road construction at Acme and Pike. There’s utility relocation and road construction at Greene and Seventh and on into town. Now it appears the up-and-over-the-hill Channel Lane access to downtown is going to be closed.

And there’s gas line replacement going on in Norwood. The gas company’s contractor is obstructing the same stretches of Greene that it obstructed a few weeks ago, as well as destroying the handicapped access ramps the city spent a lot of money on just three or four years ago. Yes, I know they’ll replace them, but it was a waste of money to put them in only to have them dug out.

Can I tell you something? People passing through Marietta don’t think of it as the picturesque and historic college town by the river. They think of it as the &**#@ place where you can’t seem to get through in less than 25 or 30 minutes. Now, of course, it seems like you’ll never get through at all. These travelers, when they come through next fall, will not be happy to learn that all of the inconvenience they have put up with has not subtracted a New York minute from the amount of time it takes to get through, there are just traffic lights with longer and more complicated cycles.

Seems to me there could have been a better way to plan and time this stuff. Although, if I may editorialize some more, the Greene and Seventh project, like the two armored vehicles and the police boat, is “the answer to the question no one asked.” And the one thing that really needs to be done around here, the placement of a traffic signal at Second and Butler, where I have witnessed numerous ugly crashes over the years, never gets done. Is that just tradition, or what?

Joseph H. Brockwell