Open your arms, home to a dog

Thanks to its partnerships with rescue groups in other communities and states, and active volunteers and foster “parents” locally, it’s been some time since the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley has had to euthanize a healthy, adoptable dog.

However, those at the shelter are concerned that may happen soon due to an influx of dogs and puppies at the Marietta site.

We hope members of the community don’t let it come to that.

The humane society has a program in place that allows households to foster an animal. Doing this creates more space at the shelter temporarily until more pets can be adopted or sent to other sites.

It’s a way to help with the overcrowding problem the organization is facing without a long-term commitment.

Many don’t want the responsibility of a pet. Or maybe they don’t have a schedule that always allows for the proper care of one, or the finances to pay for having a pet for years and years.

Fostering is a short-term way to help. It’s something a larger part of the population can take on.

Ask yourself if this is something you can do, and if you think it is, give it a try. You’ll be doing something good for an animal (or two) and likely may receive some joy from your new houseguest as well.