Summer snags

Though many places in Marietta are hot spots for activity, some summer blues are hitting a few usually-popular destinations.

While music could be generally heard floating on the breeze by the river bank on Fridays and Saturdays earlier this year, and in years past, Music on the Levee is now on indefinite hiatus.

Bob Springer, former member of the Marietta High School Tiger Touchdown Club, said that while the group had taken over both Kreamy Kreations and the music program, they are taking a much needed break.

“(The coaches) have decided they’re not going to run ice cream (at Kreamy Kreations),” said Springer. “If you don’t have the ice cream thing, you can’t really run the music.”

Springer said while many are most likely disappointed by the lack of music and the shuttered ice cream stand, the coaches decided to just be in charge of football.

“(They decided to) call it quits and coach football, relax and not be responsible for that,” he said.

Tom and Carol Wriston, of Davisville, W.Va. were slated to perform on June 28.

“We didn’t get to play,” Carol said. “They canceled (our show)…We were looking forward to it…It’s a good venue there.”

Music on the Levee first came to be in 1991, although the event has weathered breaks before and changed hands several times.

Another drawback for those wandering around the levee toward the river are geese, according to some residents.

Public Facilities Foreman Tanner Huffman said the city does what it can to keep the goose waste and feathers under control.

“There’s never any plan for (cleaning),” he said. “All we can do is when it gets bad, wash (the stones) off.”

Huffman said a big problem is people feeding the geese, which keeps them close.

“People walk down, stand there with bread and feed the geese,” he said. “(The geese) wait for people to throw the bread to them.”

While Huffman encourages people to stop feeding the geese, he said he imagines this is a problem with many areas where water is prevalent.

“They’re going to be around forever,” he said. “What can you do? I’m sure every town deals with them (in some fashion).”

Meanwhile, for those who want to take a walk in Cisler Park, on Seventh Street by the Marietta Family YMCA and Giant Eagle, the steps leading down from Seventh Street have been blocked off.

Mayor Joe Matthews said the stairs have been closed because of a safety issue.

“A car came over there and destroyed the steps,” he said.

Charles Schwartz, president elect for the Civitan Club, said though the park is city-owned, the club decorates the park for Christmas, maintains the site and will build the new steps.

“We put the (original) steps in,” he said. “The city is going to buy materials…(and) we’re going to replace them.”

Matthews said the repairs should be completed soon and closure at one entrance shouldn’t hamper use of the park.

“It’s no big deal,” he said. “The park is open at the other end by the Y.”