Republicans on the wrong side for consumers

In the last couple of years we have seen our government shutdown and a near default of the U.S. all caused by Tea Party Republicans. They continue to vote against American jobs bills and try to kill the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The CFPD is now in its fourth year of protecting you and me from the fraud of big banks and financial companies. Remember, the companies that issued and then sold deceptive mortgages which caused millions of home foreclosures? Remember the meltdown from which we haven’t recovered? Remember those guys?

The CFPD has forced those guys to return over $4 Billion to those of us they cheated.

The CFPD has resolved tens of thousands of our complaints against those guys and other financial crooks.

Which Congressional Candidate do you think would be on the side of the CFPD and you and me? The one who gets loads of money from those guys? Or maybe the opponent he won’t debate in public?

Tom Anderson