Republicans blame Obama for everything

I hope every voter was watching FOX news on July 17th when the airplane was shot down over Ukraine. Within two hours of this international disaster, Republican leaders and FOX news “experts” were blaming President Obama for the deaths of the 298 passengers on board. They showed, over and over and over, President Reagan’s response to the downing of KAL 007 in 1983 as an example of “true leadership”. They failed to report that the response came four days after the plane went down and Mr. Reagan attended three political fundraisers during that time. They forgot that the United States, under President Reagan in 1988, accidently shot down an Iranian airliner killing 275 innocent civilian passengers. President Reagan’s response – “It was an understandable accident” and denounced any suggestion that he should be held accountable. 275 innocent people were killed but any hint of a “scandal” was quickly dismissed by the Republicans.

Over the past few years, Republicans have learned how to create scandals out of everything. Their latest is to sue President Obama for abusing his powers when he delayed an ACA tax on small businesses. The lawsuit will play good in the Republican media but I hope they discuss what will happen if they win. Small businesses across the country will be hit with a big retro-active tax bill. Congress will then vote to delay the tax which they are suing the president for already doing. $20 million public tax dollars are paying for the lawsuit but it will make good political theatre.

The Liberty Party, Libertarian Party, Green Party, Constitution Party, Independent Party, Socialist Party, Democrat Party, Republican Party, and the Communist Party have all been denied IRS 501(c)(4)tax exempt status over the years under multiple presidents. But when IRS officials questioned whether the Tea Party should be the first political party to be granted an exception to the law, they created the FOX News “Scandal of the Year”. The latest price tag of this investigation is over $50 million tax dollars but it makes a great political show.

Benghazi was a terrible tragedy but why is the loss of these four Americans over 10 times more tragic than all of the previous 753 Americans killed at American embassies since 1980? Congress spent $9 million to investigate 753 deaths prior to President Obama and $98 million tax dollars to investigate the four deaths in Benghazi. The first six Benghazi investigations didn’t support the Republican talking points so they are now having a “special committee” investigation. Estimated cost: another $15 million tax dollars but they are promising spectacular theatre just before the election.

In 2008, every Republican Congressman voted for the law that prohibits border patrol agents from turning away Central American minors from our borders. The law requires that each of these children be given a refugee hearing before an immigration judge. It is now a huge scandal that President Obama is following the law. In the past week alone, the Republicans spent over $3.5 million of our taxes on hearings and messages that were choreographed to stir up their conservative base while their media propagandized about these kids being disease ridden gang members and future terrorists

Tucker Carlson, editor of The Daily Caller and weekend FOX news anchor, explained it best when he said – “If the Republicans can keep creating scandals, blame Obama for everything, and keep the facts from getting in the way, we can win in November.” I agree it’s a brilliant political strategy and will probably work. But, please stop using our tax dollars to pay for it.

Jim Rapp