Some political signs about Thompson are appalling

Well election time is here, as the number of political signs and the letters to the editor are telling. Some signs are puzzling and on occasion some letters are laced with half truths and attacks.

Concerning half truths it is important to understand that too many laws, programs and regulations have unintended consequences at all levels of government from local school boards to the United States Senate.

The attack approach tends to cause one to wonder if their candidate has any record, experience, or character traits to promote. On occasion it appears to be primarily an attempt to throw as much mud (accusations) on the wall in hopes that some will stick in the subconscious minds of lesser informed voters who might not know any better.

Some of the opponent’s signs about Andy Thompson are appalling. Thompson, being an experienced and successful small business owner, realizes the importance of being very careful with the peoples (taxpayers) money. His answer is restraint, not higher taxes and more spending.

I continue to be impressed by his willingness to listen, fight for personal property rights and unborn children. He is a leader in the fight against Common Core Curriculum Standards (which will negatively impact not only most teachers but nearly every child in school). Andy is a strong supporter of farmers and is listed as a friend of Farm Bureau.

I know Andy Thompson, and he is a man of character who is willing to listen and take a stand. Don’t be hoodwinked by the half truths or the quirky signs or commercials. I encourage you to get to know and re-elect Andy Thompson for state representative of Ohio’s 95 District.

Ralph D. Coffman

Retired agricultural education/FFA teacher, of Beverly