The many things legislators haven’t done for citizens

Two letters were posted side by side in another publication to offer a balanced editorial on the upcoming senatorial race. To be fair would be to post the voting records of Capito, McKinley and Bill Johnson on issues concerning the citizens of West Virginia and Ohio. For all the people who now have health insurance, they voted over 50 times to repeal the law that helps you. They voted against the unemployment insurance which would have helped 16,000 in West Virginia and over 50,000 in Ohio. They did nothing to stop the cuts to SNAP or food stamps. They will not pressure John Boehner to bring immigration to the vote, nor raise the minimum wage, or save the post office. In congressional districts with some of the highest rates of hunger and poverty, they continue to work for corporations and not the people. I do not make this up. There is a new article in National Geographic on hunger. Why are 1 in 6 children in the US going hungry? Why are we treating the refugee children the way we are? I would encourage them to visit the Stone Soup kitchen in Parkersburg, the Daily Bread kitchen in Marietta and the food pantry in Lower, Salem, Ohio.

They fully support the Ryan budget which wants to hurt the senior citizens of our states. Paul Ryan’s plan calls for vouchers for Medicare and make cuts to Medicaid. They can’t wait to get their hands on the money in the Social Security system. They want to privatize the VA, the post office and most government offices. It is odd that the VA has had problems for years but they are only concerned about it when it is in the news. This plan would hurt my husband and me because we have Medicare and he is on Social Security. Many of my friends and family rely on SNAP, WIC, Medicaid, the VA and other “handouts”.

In the letter, the writer did not tell us one thing that Capito has done or plans to do for us but expounds on the Tea party’s agenda: the budget at the sacrifice of citizens, misusing taxpayers’ money on investigations, and constantly denigrating the administration of President Obama. As he ended his letter, so will I, space does not permit me to list all the things that the above mentioned legislators have not done for our citizens.

Margaret Meeker