Clearly, Kasich has delivered

Politicians do not really create jobs, regardless of what they would have you think. The most they can do is establish a tax, regulatory and incentive environment that encourages job creation.

Clearly, Ohio Gov. John Kasich has done just that during his three and one-half years in office.

When Kasich took over from former Gov. Ted Strickland in January 2011, he and General Assembly members inherited a mess. The state budget was billions of dollars in the red. Kasich and lawmakers reversed that with impressive speed.

But more important to many Buckeye State residents was unemployment. When Kasich became governor, 9 percent of the state’s workforce could not find jobs. The rate now is 5.5 percent.

That translates to a gain of 243,900 jobs during the governor’s tenure.

Part of that was a result of a national economy pulling itself out of a recession – though very, very slowly.

But Kasich’s pro-growth policies and aggressive recruitment of businesses have been important factors, too. Ohio’s unemployment rate is noticeably below the 6.1 percent for the U.S. as a whole.

Ohio voters have many issues to ponder when they go to the polls this November. The economy remains high on many priority lists. That being the case, voters will not have to rely on promises when they get to the ballot section marked “governor.” Clearly, incumbent Gov. John Kasich has delivered in promoting job creation.