Donations for renovations to EMCA are appreciated

I want to thank everyone who sent in their envelopes to the Marietta Community Foundation in the name of the Devola Pool/Playground Renovation (EMCA). The first week of donations has been a great success. I also want to thank those who called me or emailed me with pledges of materials and/or services. We have had offers of concrete, a pump motor, limestone, metal for a roof replacement, attention to the surface of the tennis court, and a couple of offers of helping out when the time comes. (We still have a list of needed materials) Money and materials help us with the project. We also are seeking volunteerism to make the project a total success. Please get involved. The article in Saturday’s Marietta Times was great; thank you.

Everywhere, I have gone in the past week, people have been upbeat about the campaign for renovations. The residents of Devola are proud of the facility, and want it to once again be the hub of the community. In a time when everyone is calling for our children to get more physical exercise, our residents see the need to offer a place for children be active at the pool, on the playground, on the tennis or basketball courts, or playing softball/baseball.

Our park is a great destination for walking and cycling through Devola. When the bike trail comes to our area, our park will make a great rest stop before the return trip. Visions of the people in the past and visions of those looking to the future will come together at the Devola Pool/Playground area.

If you have not sent in your envelope, please do so. Again I ask, if there are families who are able to make larger contributions, the Marietta Community Foundation makes your donation tax deductible. If there are families who wish to honor or memorialize, we will make that special effort to recognize them. All donations are appreciated and will be recognized. Please mark your donation so that is earmarked for the EMCA

I should mention that Community Day is scheduled for Aug. 9. What a great way to enjoy what we have presently and view the plans for the future. Anyone who would like to assist at the Community Day event, call Jennifer Schenkel at 373-7018.

Again, I thank you.

John R. Karas