Comic Con’s talented artists drew record crowd

I would like to thank the community for once again supporting this year’s River City Comic Con and the Marietta Times for their excellent coverage of the event. It was a record-breaking crowd, and with the large numbers attending, the rows of goodies for sale and the colorful costumes, it’s easy to overlook an important element of the show: all the artists in attendance.

More than 25 incredibly talented creators had tables promoting their work, from writers and cartoonists to filmmakers, painters and crafters. These people spend countless hours and dollars bringing their dreams to life with the hope of finding an appreciative audience and are the backbone of any convention.

And in the four short years we’ve been around, our show has already gained a reputation as being incredibly “indie friendly.” Many exhibitors are local, but many others drive from hours away to set up with us because they’ve learned the folks in this area will take the time to talk with them, look over their work and spend a little money at their booth. These are artists who have attended shows in much bigger cities who draw many more thousands of customers. But they keep Marietta on their radar because of the amazing outpouring of enthusiasm and support they feel when they come here. I would just like to return the favor and recognize both the talent and the fans for an aspect of the convention experience that too often goes unheralded.

Jordan Lowe, organizer

River City Comic Con