U.S. must put our kids first

On Aug. 5 a letter suggested that since some foreign children face upheaval and danger, since we all descended from immigrants, and since we are the richest country, therefore we should certainly have no problem opening our arms and sharing our “bounty” with the thousands of children now streaming into our country from the south.

Well, maybe on some planet, in someone’s utopian country, all the threatened children from all the countries in the world could be welcomed. There would be plenty of money to feed and clothe and educate them, and the government would pay for it all without raising anyone’s taxes or going into debt. There would be plenty of jobs for the kids when they grow up.

But back here on earth, we live in America, not in that writer’s dreamworld. America is 17 trillion in debt. The children who are REALLY threatened are OUR kids and grandkids. Our kids are the ones who will live in a less secure, less free, poorer America because of the size of that debt and the size of the government. If you care about children (and everyone does), don’t you have a responsibility first to provide for your own?

Bless the private individual, church, or charity who shares and cares for a child anywhere in the world, be she in Liberia, Brownsville, or Butte. But when our government pays to resettle invading aliens, using money forcibly collected from taxpayers under the threat of jail time, that is not charity. That is redistribution and misallocation.

We need a government which cares more about the future of our children and grandchildren than about the ills and upheavals facing the rest of the world’s children. We have run up a horrific national debt. We have grown the federal government into an unaccountable, rule-spewing, opportunity-sapping behemoth which will demand more and more of our children’s daily income.

So, what now, about the children at the border? First, do whatever is necessary to close the border tight. Turn back everyone, be he child or drug runner, who hasn’t shown himself worthy of entry. Support the private charities who are caring for the children and families.

Looking ahead, vote for people who will fight to reduce the size of government – who will begin chipping away at that national debt. We have tried big government; it doesn’t work. Vote for people who will apply common sense – farmhouse dinner table budget sense – to government. Vote for people who care about freedom and will work to build a better economic foundation for our kids and grandkids.

Tom Fenton