No way but a Segway

Hitting the sidewalk and discovering a new way to look at downtown Marietta just became a little bit easier with a unique touring experience involving techy Segways.

After vacationing in St. Petersburg, Fla., Scott Reynolds, 51, and his wife Catherine, 46, of Fleming, decided to bring back the unique Segway tour in the form of Scott’s Super Adventures.

“We did a similar tour down there,” said Scott. “It’s while we were doing that I thought, ‘This would be perfect for the Marietta area.’ The whole rest of vacation and the 15-hour ride home I never stopped thinking about it.”

Upon the return, Scott said Catherine helped him investigate, coming up with what the tours could be and where they might get a few Segways.

Catherine said the business just opened a little more than a week ago.

“We’re just getting it started,” she said. “I know it is very new here (and) we jumped into it. (During our tour in Florida) I thought, ‘Why isn’t this in Marietta? That is the perfect place for it.'”

Scott said one thing they did is look at the tour from a non-native’s perspective.

“We tried to think if we were not from the area, what would we want to see,” he said. “We tried to hit the highlights of what we think is important about Marietta-the historic homes, earthworks, the statues-what makes Marietta, Marietta.”

There are two tours available: the historic tour with the homes and earthworks, which lasts two hours and the one-hour fun ride along the River Trail. The fun ride was created to cater more to local people, while the historic tour is primarily for out-of-towners.

The two-hour tour costs $49, while the fun ride is $30.

Tours can be booked on the business website,, Facebook, or by calling Scott.

One rule that riders must abide by is the age requirement, Scott said.

“You have to be at least 14 years old; that is the state law,” he said. “Our insurance requires (riders) to sign a release of liability and all riders must wear a helmet.”

While there are only two tours available, Scott said there are some that could be in the works for the future, and Catherine said some could be for upcoming events like the Sternwheel Festival.

“Possibly other things will be added in the future,” she said. “There’s nothing to announce yet. We have to get the two we have under control.”

Scott said reaction of those taking the tours have been positive.

“About 99 percent of all comments have been they’re really glad we brought this to town,” Scott said. “There have been really good reactions for it. Everybody’s excited. It’s the same reaction I had when I took the two-hour tour in Florida…I think it’ll be really good for Marietta.”

Scott added that there is one thing everyone should remember.

“These are really easy to learn to ride,” he said. “We’ve had all ages on them already; we’ve had young people on them and my mother-in-law has ridden…She’s in her mid-70’s…Just because you’re elderly doesn’t mean you can’t ride these…Anybody that can go for a walk can ride these.”