Drug offenders should see more jail time

I find the recent news articles show relatively short prison sentences for selling or distributing illegal drugs very disturbing. There are some who think we should legalize certain drugs. When will our lawyers and judges come to their senses and realize that most crimes are committed by users, dealers seeking to support their drug habit.

We need to understand that criminals involved in such events not only harm themselves but the many others they help get hooked on these drugs. These individuals are no different than someone who kills someone and they should be dealt with swiftly and severely.

Our hard-working law enforcement officers risk their lives daily only to see these perpetrators get released back into society after serving a short sentence only to go back and do the same thing all over again.

Has anyone thought about the mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters of the victims or the families of those newly indoctrinated users caught up in this mess? They deserve some justice.

Oh I can hear the sobbing now, my son this… or my daughter that… or they do not deserve to be severely punished for this little act of poor discretion. Well let me say this – these individuals that get wrapped up in this stuff know they are doing wrong and know they are violating the law or rights of other good citizens.

If you are on welfare or food stamps and using illegal drugs, you are fraudulently using our well-intended gift for illegal purposes – and you know it.

Do the crime, spend the time. This is no texting matter – it is a life and death matter with long-lasting effects and consequences.

William R. Mitchell