Thanks to politician, candidates for support of coal

I am writing this letter to express my appreciation to Belmont County Commissioner Matt Coffland and Charlie Daniels, Democrat Candidate for Ohio House of Representatives for our 95th District. When I asked them to ride with me and my wife on one of our 20 chartered buses that left the Ohio Valley Mall bound to David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, they did not hesitate.

The Rally to Save coal mining jobs, along with power plant jobs, and railroad transport jobs, featured many speakers from labor organizations and ministerial associations. Afterwards we all marched down the streets to Moorehead Federal Courthouse to demonstrate peacefully to the United States EPA Officials who were holding the hearings that will affect workers ability to stay employed in the mining industry.

In addition, Jennifer Garrison, Congresswoman Candidate running for the 6th Congressional District, stayed over to testify inside of the Federal Building.

These people are the kind of people I intend to support at election time in November, because they support us.

John L. White