Andy Thompson clear choice this election

With the midterm elections about to get into full swing, we need to take a serious look at those seeking to represent us. Our future, as well as the future of generations to come will hinge on these elections.

There is a very clear choice for Ohio State Representative in Andy Thompson for 95th District. Thompson has stood for Christian conservative principles in his private life as well in Columbus. He is pro-life and has received the endorsement of Ohio Right to Life. He believes education of our children is tantamount for our future and believes education standards should remain within the state and local communities. To accomplish this, he has stood opposed to the federal takeover of education through the Common Core curriculum.

Southeast Ohio has been truly blessed with an abundance of resources from oil and gas industries. It seems anytime a windfall is received, there are politicians wanting to tax it. The same has happened here, and it’s called a severance tax. Royalty owners are being hit on several fronts at once in new taxes. Thompson has stood opposed to the severance tax even from within the highest levels of his party.

Thompson is a small business owner who is well aware of government over regulation and micro-management. He knows what it’s like to make a payroll, and what needs to be done to reduce red tape.

Again, the choice is clear for the 95th District. Vote for Andy Thompson.

Michael Foit