Reader awaiting response to phone books

In response to a recent letter writer regarding phone book litter, I applaud him for his effort and concern.

I also live on Ohio 676 and was appalled to see the highway littered with plastic and phone books. As I write the letter many are still there.

I am writing to hear the response from whoever is responsible for enforcement of the anti-litter laws in Washington County.

Many communities by now would have acted on and investigated this intentional, unwanted littering, determining who was responsible, drafted and sent a letter of admonishment and demamded that it does not continue. Some authorities would have even issued a hefty fine.

I am anxious to hear from our Washington County Commissioners about what action is being taken on this matter.

Let’s keep Washington County litter free. The effort starts with concern and action by citizens, business owners, educators and our elected officials.

Terry Schafer