10 years for Nov. burglaries

A Belpre man who pleaded guilty to many Belpre burglaries was sentenced to 10 years in prison Friday morning after hearing from two of his victims.

Corey Bock, 26, of 106 Colonial Square Apt. E, Belpre, made no statement about the string of November burglaries in which he stole items from more than five Belpre homes. He was indicted in February and pleaded guilty in June.

Washington County Assistant Prosecutor Kevin Rings said initially Bock was charged with just one felony count of burglary.

“He pled up,” said Rings. “Lab reports kept coming up and we scrapped the one count and hit all six counts.”

The original charge was one second-degree felony count of burglary. By the time lab results came in, the charges were up to six: five second-degree felonies for burglary and one first-degree misdemeanor of receiving stolen property.

“He just kept breaking into a whole bunch of houses, stealing mainly jewelry,” Rings said. “He kept leaving evidence laying about. Fingerprints, DNA and some blood were found in all residences but one.”

Washington County Common Pleas Judge Randall Burnworth addressed Bock after passing down his sentence.

“You are a horrible burglar,” Burnworth remarked. “You left evidence (at each crime scene) over two states…(Upon) review of the victim impact statements…(many) have replaced locks on doors and windows. At least one indicates (obtaining) a concealed carry…The sense of security you took away from these people is something that is gone forever. There’s nothing I can do and nothing you can do to (repair) that.”

Bock was remanded into custody, to start his sentence right away at Orient Correctional Reception Center. He will serve 10 years with a credit of 236 days served.

Two victims of Bock’s crimes did address the court.

Janien Colvin-Belt, of Belpre, spoke of being victimized and a lack of security she feels.

“I hope one day you will know what it feels to have something (of great value) stolen from you,” she said. “I am on constant lookout for anyone suspicious…I hope you take the time to reflect upon your acts and how they have impacted your victims’ lives.”

Likewise, Shirley Harmon said she no longer feels safe in her home and feels violated by the intrusion Bock made.

“I pray to God that he’ll forgive you,” she said. “I will never forget.”

Bock is to make restitution totaling $56,431.50, between five victims, $39,400 going to Harmon and $10,165 to Colvin-Belt.