Charlie Daniels doesn’t understand economics like Thompson does

About a month ago, which is too soon to begin with, along the state routes close to the Jamboree in the Hills site, the Democratic candidate running for state representative of Ohio’s 95th district put up campaign signs, which were surrounded by other signs criticizing the job current State Rep. Andy Thompson is doing. Unfortunately, it appears that Charile Daniels is just another politician. Rather than offering prospective voters his own merits, he resorts to misleading the public to demonize his opponent.

One sign blames Thompson for the closing of Ormet, while the other calls him “tax and spend.” For the record, Ormet is not in Thompson’s district, although I am sure there are voters and businesses in his district that were affected by Ormet’s closing. Ormet is in Jack Cera’s district. I have direct ties to Ormet. My father worked there for 27 years and my nephew was one of the employees who lost his job, so please do not accuse me of not caring. I care very much, but I also understand the economics of the situation. The closing of Ormet was due to many factors such as legacy costs, rising cost of raw materials, drops in aluminum prices, but an overwhelming factor was high electricity bills directly caused by overregulation of President Obama’s EPA. Daniels wrote in an earlier letter to the Times-Leader that Ormet used the equivalent electricity of the entire city of Pittsburgh. Since 2009, Ormet received over $300 million in electric rate discounts and asked for more cuts in its electric prices. Apparently, he expected the rest of the state’s electric customers to pay for that. Is it right to overregulate an industry to the point of bankruptcy and then burden the taxpayers so that elderly and fixed income residents have to choose between food and medicine or cooling/heating their homes? Daniels apparently seems to think so. So, which one really wants to increase your taxes?

Representatives need to understand economics and be able to see the consequences of their decisions. Thompson has shown consistent, knowledgeable and principled leadership during his time in office. We need to keep this type of leadership in Columbus.

Terry Kennon

St. Clairsville