No politician should vote to cut school funding

Why did Andy Thompson vote to cut education dollars out of Ohio school funding? Does he want to punish our schools and children by hindering their educational needs to become leaders of the future? Thompson, our state representative for our school districts, voted to cut school funding in his 95th House district. He voted to cut $2.1 million from Belmont County schools, including Union Local, St. Clairsville and Barnesville. This cut our already paid tax dollars for school funding, keeping it in Columbus for hand outs and causing record amounts of tax levies to go on the ballots in Ohio.

I have grandchildren that go to Union Local and Harrison Hills schools which are in Thompson’s district. The politicians should be securing our children’s education not voting to cut funding to the schools.

Now I read on the internet that 19 charter schools in Ohio are being investigated for violations – test cheating, tampering with evidence, racism and sexual misconduct. Stop taking money from our public schools and giving it to failed charter schools funded by Gov. Kasich’s wealthy friends. It is time to hold politicians accountable and end failed experiments on Ohio schools.

No politician should vote to cut school funding. These children are our next generation of leaders and deserve a better education!

Norma Jean White