Thanks to MC students who worked on trail

Margaret Fredericks and MJ Ebenhack supervised 20 international and U.S. Marietta College students Saturday, Aug. 16, as they weeded along River Trail and planted new ground cover to protect the trail landscaping from future high water.

River Trail between S. Fourth and S. Fifth has been under Ohio River waters four times since the multi-use trail was dedicated in October 2013. Protective mulch covering has been repeatedly removed by the high water.

Fredericks and Ebenhack worked side-by-side with the MC students planting pachysandra, myrtle and sedum. They also removed thousands of pounds of river deposited silt on the trail.

Harbar homeowner Barbara Boyce assisted by allowing storage of tools and providing drinking water for the volunteers. Other community members also stopped by to volunteer.

River Trail Phase III was built at a cost of $1.5 million and is used daily by hundreds of people on bicycles, foot and dog walkers.

Plans are being developed to continue the trail to the Walmart parking lot and Devols Dam in Devola.

Roger G. Kalter

1st Ward Marietta

Council Representative