Certainty of death and taxes, but why taxes?

It is merely an anecdote of which I speak of to you today. A recent warning was issued to those in Washington County. Beware of the auditor and the team of worshipful masters out to assess the value of your property. Again, this is a mere anecdote to those who love taxes, who even believe that they are necessary. It is this notion that our valuation of our property is not really of our own will, nor is it private. Nay, it is the notion that we pay taxes, otherwise known to some in Communist countries as rent; that we merely occupy a space on borrowed land and the imposition of claim upon any structure residing thereon is not ours, it is the governments’. How dearly many a generation has toiled under the labor of a confined prison of paying taxes that we shant merely make an honest living and live without the state, but that the state must impose its will on the people. Again, merely an anecdote not likely to change anything, but something to query on while you work; not for yourself, of course, but for the state so it can collect its taxes. Even more taxes, as it would seem by new rules. As Benjamin Franklin would say, the only two things actually very certain in life literally are, death and taxes. Such a bleak outlook on life it is, but when something is so sure, when does it become burdening to the point to merely suggest a change or disruption? Merely an observation of what you and I’ve to look forward to: lots and lots of taxes, and then our death. I guess perhaps it may be something quite to look forward to, for if anyone were to break the rule, surely your argument of slavery would not work. Yet, isn’t that so? Isn’t coercion of payment by the state to its subjects and fine of imprisonment, slavery? Or do I merely count myself an exception in mind? Oh, but right; we’ve been having this discussion for over 200 years. Just remember: ‘It’ doesn’t belong to you. Something to Stop and Think about.

Sam Ludtman