Support the creation of a third political party

Five weeks vacation, then 10 days work, then a lot more vacation until Election Day, that’s the agenda for the parasitic elite that sit on their thrones in the U.S. Congress. Our senators and Congress representatives have got to be the world’s foremost party animals!

Our president worked to correct this outrageous, unbelievable situation … he went on vacation, too!

This country, the whole world and the entire planet are going to hell in a hand basket. But the political establishment in Washington, D.C., is on long-term vacation. How much more out-of-control can things get?

George Washington once said, “the two party political system will be the downfall of this country.” He nailed that one!

In closing, three points:

1. Feel free to tell your political hack representatives how worthless they are.

2. Re-elect no one.

3. Be an advocate for a third political party.

Chet Hejduk