Candidate Daniels a true man of the people

Long championed in our nation’s storied exercise with democracy has been the “man of the people.” From our onset, with President Washington to President Lincoln, we champion a man of the people; the very document which breathes life in the institutions of our government begins “We, the people.” In this era of polarized and divided politics, ever more important is a leader who steadfastly fights in the name of, and for the people. For the people of Ohio’s 95th district, that man is Charlie Daniels.

Daniels understands the importance of leading by representing all of the people of our district. His philosophy embodies both the type of leadership we need, and the man himself, “People Before Politics.” This past winter I had the great privilege of sitting down with Daniels and getting to know him. You may ask yourself what makes my opinion so special, and that is simple; I am a registered and active member of the Republican National Committee. Even so, Daniels is not only the man whom I will vote for come election night, he is the man that I plan to stand by and work with to see this election through. Daniels is a certified underground coal miner with over 100 years of family history in the mines, and he is currently employed by the oil and gas industry. He understands the importance of organized labor to our area, and the struggle of our local school systems to get adequate funding. He is well versed, trust me, in the budget of our state and the importance of investing in our own deprived district. He opposes the unnecessary increase in our sales tax, among other tax increases, which are promoted by our current representative, Andy Thompson.

It is time to set party aside, and elect a man that will put the better interest of our district, not his party, as the top priority on his list. Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t matter. Daniels is the better candidate. That is why I am proud to say that I stand with Daniels, because he cares. Will you do the same with me?

William Summers