Have fun, and behave during festival

The Ohio River Sternwheel Festival is Marietta’s annual celebration of life long the waterway and a farewell to another summer season.

Thousands will visit Marietta over the three-day event with Saturday night’s fireworks probably the biggest draw.

We urge everyone to enjoy the festivities on the river and along the riverbank. We just hope people don’t go overboard, so to speak, with celebrating or showing off. Often, boorish behavior is accompanied by too much alcohol intake.

We want everyone to have as much fun as possible for Marietta’s annual riverfront festival. It’s no place to act like a fool or challenge that guy sitting in front of you to a brawl because his head is blocking your view of the fireworks or Bee Gees tribute band.

And if you’re in a boat on the river make sure you have a designated driver. A crowded area takes the utmost in concentration to negotiate.

C’mon people! This a festival. Have fun. Just use your head through the weekend.