Reader questions judge’s request

Recently a case came before Judge Williams in the Juvenile court. The case had to do with a mentally disturbed yound man, age 17, who had physically assaulted his grandmother twice. Upon the second assault he was removed from his grandmother’s home and placed in a juvenile center. During his brief stay at the juvenile center it was detrermined that he posed a threat to some of the other residents of the center. During his initial hearing in front of the judge the judge had the audacity to ask the grandmother to take him back to her home ’til the final hearing determining sentencing! This child was already on probation for assaulting a teacher, had assaulted his grandmother twice, and now posed a threat to other persons and he wanted to send him home?! What kind of judge have we elected here? He obviously has no common sense in this matter.

Tabitha Hathaway

Elgin, Texas