Generous gift shows real spirit of community

When KyLynn Buchanan was raising a lamb to sell at the Washington County Fair this year, she had no idea how valuable the animal would turn out to be.

At Tuesday’s large animal sale, her market lamb by far earned the highest bid of the night, with Pioneer Chevrolet and Family Ford driving the bidding -already determined to benefit the nonprofit BrAva- all the way up to $10,500.

That bid is a great example of what this community is all about.

The dealerships paid a whopping $10,500, knowing it would benefit BrAva, a local charity that means so much to so many of our community members.

It’s reminiscent of how neighbors, friends and strangers all banded together as the two namesakes of BrAva-Bridget Crock and Ava Nichols-battled cancer. There were candlelight vigils, prayers and fundraisers. And when the two families started BrAva, they intended to help other families who needed support and to help fund research that might lead to a cure.

And clearly, Ava and Bridget, and all the other children who have had to suffer the injustice of childhood cancer, have not been forgotten.

Tuesday’s gift from two local businesses proves that, and sets the bar for others to give in a similar fashion.

Whether it’s a donation to BrAva to support the fight against childhood cancer or a check for another equally worthy organization, giving at the fair is a great way to give.

It gives an extra boost to the student who spent time raising and preparing the animal, who then gets to know what a contribution to the community their work resulted in. It must have been a great surprise Tuesday to KyLynn when the price went as high as $10,500.

And most importantly it will provide money that will help families everywhere just like the Nichols’ and the Crocks and all who face a childhood cancer diagnosis.

Thumbs up to the car dealerships who made this happen. We hope there’s another surprise just as pleasant at the next fair.